Convergent Boundaries




What is a Convergent Boundary?


Convergent Boundaries is when two plates collide and are destroyed. Once the crust is destroyed it is ³recycled² back into the Earth. The collisions may take millions of years since the plates move only a few centimeters yearly.



What Happens Once They Meet?


Once the Plates meet they may do two things. The first is if they are of equal density they may fold up and cause a mountain chain. The second is if one plate has greater density than the other, the plate that has the lighter density will be pushed downward and cause a trench.



Then What Happens?


The smaller pieces of the plate may become stuck together and when they start to shift years later it may cause an earthquake or tsunami.


Types of Convergent Boundaries


There are three types of convergent boundaries: Ocean-ocean, Ocean-continent, and Continent-continent.




What Does this Have to do with Earth?


Ever since the beginning of Earth 4.6 billion years ago the Earth and the Earth¹s shape has not changed much. This suggests that the Earth¹s crust is destroyed at about the same pace as it is created.


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